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Latest version: 12-01-2014. is a web stamp catalogue with prices reflecting the actual level for trading Danish stamps directly on the web or at auctions.

The way collectors are trading stamps is not the same today as it was 10 or 15 years ago. The web has given many collectors an easy access to trade stamps world-wide. The price level in this kind of trading reflects a price level, which is different from that seen in many paper catalogues. Prices paid for stamps on web auctions are often much lower than prices in the traditionaly stamp catalogues. World-wide trading stamps on the web has become very popular. is a catalogue covering mostly Danish stamps. The prices reflects those you can find on the web or at auction houses. The catalogue has been expanded since July 2009 with stamps from Germany, Iceland, Finland

This edition of the catalogue includes all Danish stamps to 2012 - including variation in colours, watermarks and perforations. is created in a traditional manner with the oldest issues first and the newest in the end.

The catalogue is in English, but some can also be found in Danish

Danish language has three vocals ø (= oe) used in the colours like grøn (green) and rød (red) and in øre the Danish currency (1 krone = 100 øre), æ (= ae) used in Færøerne (faroe Islands) and å used in blå (blue).

The system of the numbers is simple. In the early years the stamps are numbered from #1 and forward. Later1 it is as simple as a page for every year. And the stamps are numbered by the year plus a number.


The price relects the level seen during the last year at different auctions.

The price depends on the quality. The prices are for used stamps in good quality. Most stamps can be found in fine quality. For a few stamps it is not the case. These stamps are marked with *.

All prices on pages in English are in euro (€) - on pages in Danish prices are in Danish kroner. 1 euro is 7,45 kroner. If the price of a stamp is below 0,25 € it is given by the letter: C.

All prices is based on the total price from the seller. It means the price includes any commission from the seller - but the price does not include the cost to postage and fee to transfer of money in connection with the deal. It is worth remembering that postage and fees can add a substantial amount to the price of the stamps.

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