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About the prices.

The price given is a typical price as it is seen during the last year on different auctions. Prices have been stable during the last year.

The price depends on the quality. The prices used are for used stamps in good shape. Most Danish stamps can be found in fine quality. For a few stamps it is not the case. These stamps are marked with *.

All prices on pages in English are in . 1 euro is close to 7,45 Danish kroner. On pages in Danish the prices are given in Danish kroner. When the price is given in euro it is indicated at the top of the page right below price telling it is given in euro (). 0.25 are the smallest prices given. If the sale price of the stamp is considered to be less than this price, it is given as the letter: C.
Be aware that prices are given in Euros on pages in English and Danish kroner on pages in Danish to avoid any confusing.
All prices are based on the total price from the seller. It means the price includes any commission from the seller - but the price does not include the cost to postage and fee to transfer of money in connection with the deal. It is worth remembering that postage and fees can add a substantial amount to the price of the stamp. Prices are given for **=mint *=unused o=used

Prices and quality
All prices in reflect stamps without defects. The prices are for stamps cancelled with a postmark leaving a stamp where the motive still is nice and easily recognised. The postmark must be of a kind that was used during the stamp natural lifetime. Most Danish stamps are still valid for use.

Very fine cancelled stamps showing the date of use normally demand higher prices compared to the ones given in frimindeks.

All prices are given from the writers best knowledge to the market. cannot be hold responsible for any price given in frimindeks. The responsibility for a trade is between seller and buyer.

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