German Mail 1868-1920.
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Danish Mail 1851-64.
1920 Official Stamps.

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The history of Schleswig-Holstein is dramatic with many wars and a changing relation to Preussen and later Germany in the South and Denmark in the North.


The first stamps were issued November the 15th 1850 in Holstein. They were replaced by Danish Stamps in 1851.


After a war in 1864 stamps were issued  for Schleswig, for Holstein and Lauenberg, some for the hole region and some only for Holstein.


From 1868 stamps from Norddeutcher Postbezirk were used and from 1872 stamps from Deutche Reich.


After the first world war a referendum were held in Schleswig and the frontiers known now were declared in 1920. During the time of the referendums special stamps were issued, some in German currency and some in Danish currency.


Stamps from all periods are illustrated here, but stamps from the periodes with the use of either Danish or German stamps are only illustrated by mail cancelled in towns in the area.


All stamps issued only for the region are illustrated. Prices are given for mint (**), unused (*) and used (o).


Prices are for stamps in fine quality and reflect the level seen on auctions mostly in Denmark during the last year or two.


Numbers used are logical starting with with #SH1 for stamps issued during 1850-1867, and starting with #Sc1 for stamps issued in 1920. The official stamps are numbered #1-#14.


Below are illustration of stamps to make it easier to find the stamp. Not all stamps are illustrated, but if you follow the link from a stamp which appears to be like the motive on the stamp you want to find, you should be able to do so.